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Media CV

Most people would think that journalist and communication specialists write their own CVs; and many of them do. However, significant numbers of journalist and media professionals actually engage professional CV writers to help them gain an advantage in the job market. Whilst this may seem quite surprising to the average man on the street, it is perhaps less surprising to media professionals who know the value of quality writing, and know the value of experience and expertise when it comes to specialism. And make no mistake, CV writing is a specialist field. The best CV writers not only write concisely, proactively and powerfully, but they also have the necessary skills to sell you as a person to the employer.

Media CV

At CV consultants.co.uk we work day in day out with CVs. This is our specialism, and this is why journalists and media professionals from TV, radio and print come to us to help improve their job prospects. Obviously, some media workers are happy to try their luck with their own DIY CV. However, you don't get a second chance at good jobs, and if you want to significantly improve your odds then we can help you.

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