Actor CV

Actor CVs need to be different to normal ones, so more creativity is required when it comes to writing actor CVs.

Apart from the need to sell your acting skills, you also need to sell yourself. This is easier said than done. Another complication is that some actors have outside interests, or have a history of non-acting jobs. If you fall into this category you need to tread carefully when it comes to writing your CV, because you will be competing against specialists, and will need to sell your skills to the employer.

Actor CV


As with any job, the better your CV, the better your job prospects. As mentioned, actor CVs are rather different from the norm, and you often need to come at them with more creativity, and from a different angle if you really want to impress the employer.

If you would like any help in this respect then our vastly experienced consultants will be able to significantly boost your job prospects.

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