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Catering is quite a diverse sector and encompasses a variety of jobs at all levels including backroom staff, chefs, cooks, porters etc together with front room staff including waiters, barmen, receptionists, managers and more.

Additionally, larger catering companies employ a whole host of other professionals including drivers, warehouse staff, sales and marketing professionals and more.

As you can see therefore, it isn't so easy to define a typical catering job. By default therefore it is equally difficult to define a typical catering CV.

One thing you should be aware of however, is that the higher you climb the catering career ladder, the more competition there will be for the jobs, and the more likely you are to come across stronger competitors with top-quality CVs.

If you are therefore serious about progressing in the catering profession a professional CV would certainly help your cause. And you will not find a better

catering CV

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