Civil Service CV

There is no such thing as a typical civil service CV. One of the main reasons for this is because there isn't really a typical civil service job either. This stands to reason because there are a great many job types with civil servants all working in a variety of roles and across a broad range of levels. For example, civil servants include cleaners, drivers, caterers, office workers, secretaries, PAs, planners, architects, trainers, IT professionals, finance professionals, HR executives, managers, senior managers, government ministers and the Prime Minister himself to name but a few.

Civil Service CV

Obviously, a senior manager wouldn't apply for a civil service job with the same CV as a cleaner (and vice versa), so each CV needs to be different, and needs to be optimised individually towards the job in question.

Given the fact that there is demand for civil service jobs, and that the competition is very strong, it stands to reason that the better your CV on the better your job prospects. Indeed, many civil servants use professionally written CVs in their job applications.

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