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What we mean by 'better'
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Better Explained
We say that if you can find a better CV we will give you your money back. Obviously, ' better' is a rather vague term. However, we are happy to go as far as specify what we mean by better and improvements.

There is actually a lot more to professional CV writing than meets the eye. CVs are multifaceted dynamic documents, and the best CVs have each elements working to its full potential in harmony with all the other elements. Not only that, but it is commonly accepted that the best CVs are a good length, presentable and highly legible with a good number of strong and proactive achievements.

Where we excel relates to our ability to create CVs which are not only a good length (the current trend is for one or two pages maximum), but also to include a good number of powerful and proactive achievements in a highly legible manner within the confines of usually just one or two pages. Employers are very busy people and they frequently don't have time to read through long CVs and swathes of paragraphs/clutter/multi-line entries (which is why the trend is for shorter, more legible CVs). The best CV writers can write powerfully but concisely. However, this is far easier said than done. Consequently, if you go elsewhere for your CV then one, several or possibly all of the following scenarios may apply to your CV;

The length may be longer than the recognised two-page maximum. Or if it is a good length then:
- It may be squashed/cluttered in places (which adversely affects legibility and presentation)
- to accommodate the shorter length the writer will sometimes cut down on the number of achievements (which is not a good idea because your achievements help sell you to the employer)
- to make it fit the writer may include weakened (less proactive) achievements
- the CV may not be as balanced
- to accommodate the shorter length the writer may even omit a key section (possibly even the profile or skills sections)

There are other aspects too. However, the above factors are good, visible indicators of CV quality, and this is what our guarantee refers to. Anything else is just too subjective, and after all any written document is subjective to some degree.

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