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On this web site you will find various tips and snippets of advice. If you read all of these tips then you should be able to improve your CV to a certain degree. However, you should be aware that no amount of tips is any substitute for CV writing experience.

If you are really serious about creating the best possible CV to give you a real advantage over the other candidates when you are applying for a job, then the biggest tip of all is to have your CV professionally written.

CV tips can help you to some degree if you are trying to write a CV yourself. However, you also need to be honest with yourself and ask yourself how much experience do you have at CV writing?, how good a writer are you?, how good is your English?, and importantly, how much do you want the job?

If the answer to your questions is that you want the job but you do not have lots of CV writing experience then really you should consider the significant advantages of a professional CV writing service.


5 Top CV Writing Tips:

1> Be honest.
Do you know much about CV writing?
Have you researched what works best in job applications?
Are you a good writer?
Are you the best person to write your CV?

If the answer to any of these is no - then you are probably not the best person to write your CV.

2> If you do write your own CV then you really need to give it the care and attention it deserves. Most people think they can write a CV in just a couple of hours (or even less in some cases!). If you want anything of quality it does take time (a lot more than a couple of hours), and the same applies to CV writing.

3> Know your target.
This not only applies to the job, but also the employer. Try to get into the employer's mind and work out what he/she is looking for. Once you have done that you can start the next step which is optimising your CV accordingly.

4> Sell yourself.
This sounds very obvious, but the vast majority of people undersell themselves on their CV (and most people undersell themselves without even knowing they are doing it). If you think you have sold yourself to your maximum on your CV, you are probably wrong. So look at it again, and again, and again...

5> Get your CV checked out by a professional before you send it off to an employer. It costs nothing and could be the best thing you ever do.
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