CV Achievements

Achievements are an integral part of any CV.
Effectively, employers are looking for achievers, so if you can include relevant, impressive, high impact achievements on your CV this bodes well.

Additionally, the number of achievements is significant. For example, if you only include three or four achievements on your CV it probably will not compare favourably against the CVs of your competitors.

That said, it isn't just a matter of including as many achievements as possible. You need to be selective, and you also need to be careful just how you word things. Just as the best CVs say more but with fewer words, the same often applies to achievements, and sometimes you can say something more powerfully in one line rather than a whole paragraph. The very best CV writers are experts at writing powerfully but concisely. This is actually a specialist skill, and even some professional writers struggle with this.

At CV consultants we are experts at portraying our clients as achievers in sharp, powerful proactive sentences. This is just one of many reasons why we achieve results for our clients, and is one reason why people come to us for help from all over the world, and is one reason why our clients are happy to refer us to their friends and colleagues.

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CV Achievements


Tip 1: Use action words and make your achievements pertinent and proactive.

Tip 2: Use bullet points. It makes your achievements easier to read and improves legibility.

Tip 3: Keep your achievements concise. Again this helps legibility and improves the way your message comes across.

Tip 4: Don't be afraid to sell yourself. If you don't your competitors will!

Tip 5: Include enough achievements. Some people only include as little as 3 or 4 achievements. This isn't going to impress most employers

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The above advice on adding achievements to CVs is based on extracts from a comprehensive CV book by one of our senior consultants, It is not for copy or distribution.

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