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Many people think that CV format is the most important aspect of any CV. While CV format is certainly important, it is just one part of the jigsaw, and there are other (arguably more integral) factors which play a significant role in the success (or otherwise) of any CV.


CV Format

Yes a CV needs to be presentable and well structured. However, if it isn't focused enough, doesn't send out the right message, or lacks the right content then CV format is pretty much immaterial.

Some people will tell you that CV format is the be all and end all, and if you copy a particular format then you will be on your way to sure fire success. However, this is not only naïve, but is also completely untrue.

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While some CV formats are far better than others, and it is best to go with one which is highly presentable, legible and well-structured, format alone will not get you a job. And the reason for this is quite simple; namely the fact that employers do not employ people on the basis of CV format, but on the basis of what you can actually do for them. This is all part and parcel of the CV content and how you go about selling your skills on your CV. This is what many people struggle with, and is one reason why clients come to us from all around the world to help them.

We have helped clients at all levels climb the career ladder. If you would like our assistance then we would be happy to help you too.

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