CV keywords

CV keywords are more important than most people realise. Besides the fact that some recruitment software specifically looks for keywords and key phrases when it is trying to match you up with jobs, even more significantly, keywords are something which resonate with employers.

And if you include the right keywords when you write a CV, the employer will be more inclined to sit up and take notice.

CV Keywords

So which keywords should you include the CV?

Really it depends on your own circumstances and the job in question, but if you need help in this respect then your CV consultant is vastly experienced and will be able to help you.

More on tips and advice on CV keywords

1> Consider what the employer is looking for and use appropriate keywords with that in mind.

2> Remember that keywords can also be key phrases rather than single or even double words.

3> You should weave keywords naturally into your CV, if you don't do this then your CV will come across as too artificial.

4> Don't just include keywords for the sake of it. For example, if an employer is looking for someone with a degree, you can't just invent a degree for yourself if you don't have one.

5> If in doubt get professional advice


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