CV memberships

Some people purely concentrate on work experience when they write a CV. However, if you are on several boards or a member of a professional body then this could be advantageous and worth including.

CV Memberships

Some people include separate sections on memberships, and some people just include it in other sections (or even the interests section).

Further advice on including memberships in CVs:

It is helpful if you can include relevant memberships

, rather than just list all memberships.

For example, if you are a student and are targeting a graduate analyst job, the membership of Mensa might be useful to include, whereas membership of a brass rubbing club almost certainly won't add the same weight.

Similarly, one thing to avoid is memberships of something which an employer may not have a particularly affinity for, or even worse, discriminate against.

For example, whilst you may well think it is good to include your membership of the local Baptist church and the Conservative party, just be aware that not all employers may share your views. And for all you know you could be submitting your application to a fanatical atheist and Labour Party activist.

Yes, fair enough, sometimes the inclusion of such memberships may work to your advantage. However,sometimes it is better to just play safe, so be careful about what membership you include on your CV.


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