CV Objectives

Objectives are more common on US resumes than UK and European CVs.

Essentially they tell the employer what kind of job you are looking for. At the same time, if you are applying for that job anyway a lot of objectives are actually pretty much redundant.


Indeed, in many cases you would be better off using the space used by objectives to include a high impact, fully optimised personal profile instead.

When you are writing a CV

you should therefore consider this.


Further advice on CV objectives:

Typical objectives may be something along these lines:

Seeking a job as a telecoms engineer for a leading engineering company

Okay, not all objectives are as basic and as blatant as that, but many objectives, however they are dressed up, don't say much more, and frequently don't add much (if any) extra value to a CV.

Maximising your sales potential on a CV

You only have a very limited space to sell yourself on a CV, and especially if you want to do so within the optimum length.
Consequently, you are better off using the space to sell yourself, rather than simply state the obvious.

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