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CV Presentation is very important. Let's face it, if your CV doesn't look the part it may not even get read. If your presentation isn't right therefore your application may fail at the very first hurdle - no matter how good you    are or how right you are for the job!

Presentation is somewhat subjective but there are some constants, and it is generally accepted that the best CVs are highly legible, uncluttered and in professional fonts/styles.

CV Presentation

The better your CV presentation the better your chances of having your CV read. However, this is just the first hurdle, and you also need great content, a strong message and correct CV targeting and optimisation if you want the best results.

All this is far easier said than done, but we do it better than anyone, which is why clients come to us from all corners of the globe.

So how do you improve CV presentation?

Below are some tips and advice to help you do just that.

  • Firstly, you should use a professional looking CV format. Some people make the mistake of trying to force the issue in an effort to make their CV stand out from the crowd. However, this can backfire, and bright colours and elaborate graphics for example can actually be a deterrent to employers.

  • Another tip is to write concisely. This is actually easier said than done, and especially since most people aren't used to this, and naturally tend to write in paragraphs. Whilst this may be a natural impulse, it has a negative effect of making your CV appear cluttered.

  • Another tip is to make sure that your CV is a good length

    Whilst most people don't associate CV length with presentation, it does actually have a bearing, and in general the longer your CV, the less enticing it is to read.

The above CV presentation advice is based on extracts from a CV book by one of our senior consultants, and is not for copy or distribution.

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