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In addition to your qualifications, sometimes it is useful to add professional training courses when writing a CV

Professional Training Sections on a CV

Obviously, different employers look for different things, and you need to include the right ones.

If you need help in this respect, then we can help you.

More advice on including professional training on a CV

In particular it is useful to include any professional training required by the employers. For example some job specifications specifically mention desirable and essential professional credentials.

IT employer, for example may list as essential Prince 2 qualifications.

Similarly, a firm of accountants might list ACCA credentials as highly desirable on a job specification.

In HR, some employers may list CIPD certification as desirable if not essential. And the higher you want to climb the career ladder, the more it helps if you have relevant professional training and certification.

Just be aware that however, that different employers in diverse sectors look for different professional training credentials, and you need to focus more on listing training that is of interest to the employer for your target job.

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