CV referemces

Some people include references on their CV, some people include a link mentioning ‘references available upon request’, whereas some people don't mention them at all.

There are no hard and fast rules, and if employers want to see some references they will ask you for them anyway.

But it's entirely up to you if you want to include references when you are writing a CV.

Adding References to a CV

Obviously, different employers look for different things, and you need to include the right ones.

If you need help in this respect, then we can help you.

More on tips and advice on adding references to a CV:

1> If the employer doesn't specifically ask you to include references, then you may be better off omitting these from the CV.

2> If you are asked to include references in your application, then consider including them in your cover letter rather than the CV. Because of CV length restrictions you only have very limited space to sell yourself on a CV, and you are better off selling yourself rather than including references.

3> If you have to include references on your CV then to save vital space you could consider writing them horizontally rather than in two columns.

Along the lines of:
Reference 1: James Smith, Lecturer, Oxford University, OX1 1AA
Reference 2: Mary Jones, Manager, Pizza Hut, Swindon


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