CV skills

Skills (including transferable skills) are an important feature of any CV. Indeed, some people claim that some employers only read skills. This is far from the case in reality, but skills remain important nevertheless.



CV Skills

When employers look for people to fill a vacancy, one of the main things I look for is what skills they possess. A surprising amount of people over relying on just including a skill list on their CV. Whilst listening skills is useful, it isn't as powerful as actually weaving skills into the body of the achievements. If you can do this it makes your achievements more relevant and ultimately more powerful.

More advice on adding skills to a CV

Of course, it is easier said than done, which is why a lot of people come to professional CV writers to do the job properly for them.

Tip: Yes, you may have skills, and you may even have the right skills. However, selling those skills is actually a specialist skill in itself!

There are actually a lot more considerations play than most people realise.

Selling skills on your CV

The skills you include need to be targeted, and they need to be woven into your CV naturally rather than artificially, or is just one big list.

Also get the balance right with the right number of skills. You need to ensure you include enough of the right skills - don't undersell yourself - At the same time you shouldn't overdo it either. Your CV needs to be balanced rather than one big list of skills.

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