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If you are applying for a job as a gardener and you probably don't need to list all your technical skills on your CV. However, if you are applying for an IT job for example, then you need to refer to your technical skills.

Some people list these in a separate technical skills section, and others include technical skills as part of their traditional skills set

CV Technical Skills

When you write a CV for technical jobs it also helps if you can weave technical skills into the achievements.

Doing this effectively is easier said than done, and our CV writers have vast experience in this and can help you.

More on tips and advice on adding technical skills to a CV:

1> A lot of IT and are technical people tend to just include their IT and technical skills in one long list. This gets rather boring and repetitive at times for employers and particularly non-technical people to read. So one tip would be to consider your audience.

2> Similarly, many technical people use acronyms, and just assume that everyone knows what these mean. This isn't always the case, and if you over use acronyms then you risk alienating yourself.

3> As mentioned elsewhere in this curriculum vitae writing section, one extremely important aspect of CVs is CV length. So make sure that your list doesn't compromise length.

4> A lot of technical professionals are exactly that; namely technical rather than experts at selling themselves on paper. If you fall in this category then you may wish to consider seeking professional guidance, or at the very least a free CV appraisal.


This advice on adding technical skills to a CV is taken from a comprehensive CV book by one of our senior consultants. It is not for copy or distribution.

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