Finance CV

The finance sector is broad and varied and encompasses accounting, banking, investments, stock broking, mergers and acquisitions, and more.


Finance CV

Consequently, if you're looking to apply for a job in the finance sector there is no such thing as a typical finance CV. Firstly, CVs vary according to the area you are applying for, and secondly they vary according to the job you are targeting. For example, in banking alone job types vary widely from counter staff and customer services to IT professionals, marketing, managers and senior executives just to name a few.

Even the term bank manager is relatively vague. Whilst this is often associated with someone who manages a bank, in fact it could also apply to the senior banking professional who purely concentrates on business clients, or someone who specialises in assessing risk and approving finance for example.


One thing for sure is that the finance sector is extremely competitive. So whether you are a banker, an accountant, a stockbroker, a financial consultant, an investment specialist, or a merger and acquisitions expert, if you want the best possible chance of landing the job you seek then you need the strongest possible CV.

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