CV Layout

A lot of people confuse CV layout with CV format.

CV Format

CV format deals primarily with the structure of your CV, for example which sections and information is included (or not included as the case may be). You can find out more about format this by clicking here.

CV layout, on the other hand, as the name suggests, relates more to how your CV is laid out.

The ideal scenario is for your CV to look enticing to read. After all, you want employers to read it.

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Advice and Tips on CV Layout

If you forget about the nitty-gritty of the content for a moment, just consider how your CV looks at first glance.

Does it look clean, concise and simple?

Or is it a bit more complex, longer and confusing?

If your CV falls into the former category then well done! because most people’s CVs fall into the latter category, and despite what they may think, it probably isn't as enticing to read as that of some of their competitors.

If you think about a picture and how it is framed, that should give you an idea. One nice clean image with a well proportioned, neat frame around it is attractive to look at. However, if you have multiple pictures with lots of things going on inside them, then pretty much immediately it is less enticing to read. In other words, the layout isn't as good.

This is one reason why one page CVs are usually a lot more enticing to read than longer CVs. And often the longer your CV, the less enticing it is to read.

However, there is a problem in this in that most people can't fit what they have to say in just one page, or if they do they usually end up using tiny fonts or cluttering things up to the complete detriment of the layout.

However, the very best CV writers can not only say more in fewer words, but they can also do this using a neat and uncluttered format, and without compromising the layout. Sounds impossible you may think. And it isn't easy. Indeed, it is a specialist skill. However, the very best CV writers (who are few and far between) and can achieve this, and not only give you a CV that has an attractive layout, but also one with a well structured format, a high legibility factor and a strong, focused and powerful sales message.

It's far easier said than done, and takes genuine writing talent as well as lots of experience, but if you do want a powerful CV which is optimised for your target job without compromising the layout, then it is possible.

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