Questions to ask yourself

It is much as the interviewer who should ask the questions.

You also need to be asking yourself questions even before you set foot inside the interview room.

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It makes sense to ask yourself some questions as part of your preparation for job interviews. If you do this it will help make your interview less daunting, and possibly more successful.
For example, almost the things you could ask yourself before interview include;

  1. how can you show that you have the skills for the position?
  2. what are your strong points?
  3. what are your weak points?
  4. What can you offer the employers?
  5. What are your short/long-term goals?
  6. If the salary/work terms are negotiable, what are your terms?

There are other questions you can ask yourself too, just think about the kind of things you may get asked interview and the point you want to get across.

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