Interview Questions & Answers

The whole purpose about interview questions is to find out more about you, if you are capable of the job, and whether, you will fit in with the organisation.

The purpose of Interview Questions

Listed below are some reasons why employers ask you certain interview questions.

If you can understand why employers ask such questions, you will be in a better position to provide suitable answers.


Interview Tips and Advice

Amongst other things employers are testing some all of the following when they ask you interview questions:

  1. Your verbal and written communication skills
  2. your interpersonal skills
  3. your flexibility
  4. your ability to multitask
  5. your negotiation skills
  6. how confident you are
  7. how quickly you think on your feet
  8. some questions even test to see what sort of sense of humour you have. You could even come prepared with a joke just in case the employer asks you to tell a joke.

Amongst other things employers are looking to see how efficient, pragmatic and calm you are under pressure. If you are applying for a leadership job then they also test your managerial/leadership skills as well as your ability to motivate and drive others.

Think about answers such questions before you enter an interview, and you will be better prepared.

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