There are two types of interview questions and answers - those which you ask, and those which you are asked.

Intelligent Interview Questions
(for you to ask)

List these out prior to interview they should reflect areas of interest to you in the prospective job so think up appropriate question and be prepared to use them.

Typical examples:
• What is your core business?
• What are the career progression opportunities?
• Who actually owns the company?
• What is your area of operations?
• Who are your best customers?
• Where is your most successful market?
• Do you have plans for expansion?

And so on.


Interview Questions and Answers

Identify possible questions beforehand and have an answer ready. Refer back to your strong points at every opportunity.

Typical Questions:
• Tell me about yourself
• Why do you want to leave your present job?
• Why do you think you would be suitable for this job?
• Were you ever dismissed/made redundant? Why?
• Who was the worst person you ever worked for?
• What has been you greatest success/failure?
• Are you free to travel if required?
• What is the best/worst thing people can say about you?
• Why should we choose you?

The lists is almost endless but there are established techniques to use that enable you to answer any question no matter how seemingly awkward in a credible way that will enhance your chances and underpin your suitability. Please click for more help and advice on answering interview questions

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