Marketing CV

Marketing is a highly competitive sector, and good marketing jobs are difficult to land. This has always been true, but in the current climate is truer now than ever before.

Most marketing professionals know the value of a strong, focused, powerful message. After all, most marketing campaigns follow this tried and tested logic. Funnily enough however, not every marketing professional follows the same principles when writing their own CV. Indeed, we do a lot of work for marketing professionals, and a surprising amount of their DIY CVs are not particularly presentable, structured or focused. Moreover, many can be improved in just about every respect from first impressions right through to the sales aspect (selling their skills) and delivery of a sharper and more powerful message.

Marketing CV

One of the things marketing employers look out for is the ability for applicants to market themselves properly on their own CV. And whilst most marketing professionals can do a reasonable job at this, it actually takes specialist writing skills and lots of experience to take you to the next level and produce a slick and professional job winning document. This is the main reason why marketing professionals come to us for help.

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If you would like our assistance climb up the marketing job ladder then we would be happy to help you too.

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