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Competition for jobs is very strong and often the quality of your CV is pivotal to your job application. Sometimes even a good CV is not enough, and you need a superior quality CV if you are to stand out from the crowd and grab the employers

At CV consultants we are so confident that you will not find a better CV anywhere else that we have even included a money back promise for this in our guarantee

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CV quality in general
There are lots of factors to consider when assessing CV quality.
Most CV companies can improve things like spelling and presentation, some can also help improve the wording to some extent. Not many so called CV companies go much beyond that however and only the very best CV companies can go one step further and deliver the complete package and give your CV a complete and thorough makeover, tailored and optimised specifically for your target job.

There a few main reasons for this. Firstly it takes undoubted skill, experience and talent which not every company possesses, secondly even if some companies did possess the know-how and ability the whole process takes a very long time to do properly. The old saying 'time is money' seems quite appropriate in this sector. We can't speak for every company around, but we have seen some CVs drafted by large companies and it is very apparent that there has been a lack of time and effort spent.

Superior Quality
CV quality is subjective to a certain extent. Nevertheless we have been told, and genuinely believe that our CVs are of a far superior quality than most of our competitors.

You needn't just take our word for it please see some of our 100% genuine testimonies from some of our many satisfied customers.

Some of our competitors do offer a cheaper service, some can even guarantee you delivery in less than 2 hours from the time you order. Given that we often spend much longer than that examining and improving a typical CV we couldn't possibly guarantee such a fast turnaround. The only way it would be possible is if we compromised quality which is something we have never done, nor will we ever do.

Quality of CV Consultants
Many companies do not state the qualifications of their CV consultants. One reason could be that they don't have any. If they did then surely they would say so. At CV Consultants our Senior CV Consultants not only have considerable experience and expertise in CV writing but they also are both Masters qualified.

Time needed to produce a quality CV
Some companies claim to be able to produce a CV in 2 hours. Having seen CVs from some of our competitors we can quite believe that they can produce something in 2 hours, albeit something of a lesser quality.

The only problem with companies who claim to be able to produce fast CVs is that it is impossible to write a quality CV in a short time.

We often spend significantly longer on each CV than is allocated by most of our main competitors, and this shows in the high quality of our CVs (in the past clients have compared our CVs with those of some competitors and have told us that our CVs are superior). We are not surprised by this as we take great pride in the quality of our service and are extremely confident about the quality of our CVs and genuinely believe you will not get better value for money elsewhere.

Basic Economics
Some companies do offer CVs at lower prices. However top quality CV writing is a highly skilled job. The best CV writers are highly qualified experienced experts who command a decent wage for their talent and expertise. Our senior consultants are highly qualified experts, and need to be paid accordingly if we are to keep them. Our prices are actually extremely reasonable given the quality of our staff and the service we offer.

If you are thinking of paying for a cheaper CV you should ask your self these questions;
If it is so cheap is the consultant qualified?
If the consultant is any good how come it is so cheap?!

As mentioned the best CVs take a lot of time to create. It is impossible to create a top quality CV in just a couple of hours. If the price is low this therefore indicates that the consultant isn't that good or that they don't spend enough time on each CV. This is all basic economics. In the past we have had orders from clients who paid other companies good money, only to receive a low quality CV in return. It will save you money in the long term to order a superior quality CV right from the start.

Company Comparisons
It is practically impossible to compare CV company quality simply by looking at various websites. One of the main reasons for this as most companies are not willing to divulge what their CVs may look like, or how they go about making them. Possibly because in some cases there is not much science, method or effort involved other than to check spelling and grammar and improve the basic presentation.

We on the other hand have nothing to hide (see below)

CV Writing Methods
We have our own specially devised in-house methods which are tried and tested and work time and time again to produce much improved CVs for each and every client.

Anything to Hide?
Unlike other companies we are very proud of the high standard of service we offer and have nothing to hide. You can view our tried and tested methods by clicking here.

Service Levels
We are surprised that not every CV company takes customer service as seriously as we do. However, we can't complain as we sometimes benefit because of competitor incompetence. For example in the past we have had orders from clients simply because they were fed up waiting for a reply from another company, and this was after they had paid for the service.

We are extremely proud of the high standards of service we consistently achieve. We always do whatever is necessary to produce the best possible CV, even if it means extra work for us. Our many satisfied customers know that we are prepared to 'go the extra mile' to help them.

Strength of Feedback
CVs are subjective to a certain degree but we genuinely believe that we produce the very highest quality CVs at very reasonable rates considering the superior quality. Not every CV company has a testimonies page, for obvious reasons. We, on the other had, are proud to display ours. Please see some of our 100% genuine testimonies.

Value For Money
We believe the superior quality CVs we create are excellent value for money, especially considering we know that they get results and can dramatically improve your career prospects. Indeed if our CV gets you your dream job it could be the best investment you ever make

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