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Please indicate whether you want us to edit your existing cover letter or to create it from scratch. We can tailor your cover letter specifically for the job in question and we can also provide a speculative cover letter for you to send to e.g. recruitment agencies and for speculative applications.
When you order a tailored and speculative cover letter together you automatically receive a £21 discount so the price for both letters is just £49 instead of £70 (the usual price of 2 cover letters without a CV). Alternatively anyone who orders both cover letters with a CV automatically receives a £31 discount. Please note that in order to create/edit your cover letter we will need you to provide details of the job you are applying for. We will ask you for this information once we receive your order.
Please indicate if you require your cover letter within 24 hours. There is a £30 additional fee for this express service. Please note that whilst we do manage to complete most 24 hour orders on time, this cannot be guaranteed. We do offer a full refund however if we cannot complete in time
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