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Some people use examples when they write their personal statement. However, this isn't a good idea, and the advice below goes into this in more detail.


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Personal Statement Examples Warning

A personal statement is exactly that; namely a personalised statement. Yes, it needs to be optimised to the job in question, but fundamentally the statement needs to be relevant to you, your circumstances, your experience and what you have too offer the employer.

Some people use generic personal statements when they are writing their statement. However, the almost inevitable consequence of using examples is that you end up writing something which is too generic to be of any use.

Employers are not stupid, and they can immediately spot if you haven't put the effort into writing your personal statement, if it doesn't ring true, or if it doesn't reflect the job on offer. Similarly, they soon realise whether or not you have addressed the job/person requirements properly in the statement.

Most people cringe at the prospect of having to do a personal statement. Consequently, a lot of people don't give it the time and effort necessary to produce a top quality statement.

This is a big mistake.

What most people don't realise is that a personal statement is a fantastic opportunity to show you are better than the other candidates by delivering a sleek, eloquent, optimised and ultimately powerful personal message. You can never get that with personal statement examples.

However, you certainly can achieve this if you do the job properly.

So why give the advantage to your competitors by copying mere examples
, when you have the opportunity to gain the advantage over your competitors with a far better personalised statement?

Of course, writing a top-quality a personal statement is far easier said than done, indeed it is a specialist skill. However, we have vast expertise in this area and can help you.


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