Targeted CV

Some people use generic CVs, however the best results usually come when your CV is targeted towards the job in question.

To do this you really need to get into the mind of the employer, and tell him/her the type of things that he/she is looking for. Obviously, you can't just say things which are untrue. However, what you can do is highlight the relevant skills, traits and experience you already possess and emphasise these in an organised, structured and high impact manner.

Targeted CV

If you can do this well your chances of success will improve. That said, targeting CVs is far from straightforward, and if you want to do it well enough to make an impression on the employer then you would be better off with professional help.

At CV consultants our vastly experienced CV writers have a wealth of expertise in this domain and a proven track record of helping people like you achieve better results in the job market.


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